Meet Britain's oldest BMX-rider - mum Lesley Reynolds from Truro.

The 53-year-old started BMX riding simply to keep her son company, but now, four years later she's qualified for the World Championships.

She is the oldest rider on the British team, and has found the sport has helped her beat her severe anxiety.

And Lesley - who learnt to ride using YouTube videos - says aside from injuries, her age doesn't slow her down.

At the end of the day it all comes down to how fast you pedal… and how brave you are.

Lesley Reynolds
Lesley thinks she might be the oldest woman to compete in the BMX World championships Credit: Cornwall Live

Lesley raced nationally last year taking first place at seven regional events and qualifying for the BMX Racing World Champions in Belgium in July.

Before reaching the top of the sport, Lesley says that she used to spend most of her time at the side of the track shouting ‘pedal!’ at son Jacob.


The number of national events Lesley came first in last year.

But I realised that although I was telling him what to do, I really didn’t know what I was talking about. People started saying to me, ‘Maybe you should get out and do it if you think you know what you’re doing’, and I thought, well, yeah, I’d rather be doing that than stood here freezing… so I had a go.

Lesley Reynolds
The 53-year-old learnt everything to get started in the sport from YouTube videos. Credit: Cornwall Live

To save money, Lesley watched instructional videos on YouTube, bought the best parts she could afford, and built her own BMX in her kitchen.

Lesley added she was also very inspired by the 2020 Olympics hopeful Beth Shriever, who has been trying to crowd fund £50,000 to finance her shot at an Olympic medal since the start of this year.

The mother from Truro has already won seven regional titles in the UK. Credit: Cornwall Live

Elite Women’s BMX racing has only been included in the Olympics since 2008 but since 2011 there's been no female representative in the UK team.

The oldest category in the BMX World Championships is 40+ for women and 50+ for men.

Lesley says if an older category was added for women too, she would probably be fastest entrant in the 50+ female category.

Modestly she says she’ll be happy to just “get around safely, and not come last.”