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RAF veteran from Teignmouth still rattled by memories of D-Day

Joe Randall, 95, says he stills gets headaches thinking about what he saw. Credit: ITV News West Country

An RAF veteran living in Teignmouth says he still gets rattled when he thinks about his memories of D-Day.

Joe Randall joined the military at the age of 17, eager to do his bit, having seen streets wiped out by bombs in London.

He lost many friends and colleagues in the war but says he still feels proud to have served for his country.

Wherever you went then there were rifles stuck in the ground with a tin hat on the top. You could see somebody's hand from the soil.

It was one of those things. That was your day's work and you had to do it.

– Joe Randall
Joe joined the RAF at the age of just 17. Credit: Joe Randall

The 95-year-old will soon be making a very special journey back to Normandy to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the D-Day landings.

He will sail across the channel on a cruise ship specially commissioned by the British Legion, along with 300 other veterans.

I shall be thinking of all the lads and faces I knew then, I wouldn't know them now but Mac, my mate that got killed, I always remember and I lay a cross for him every year.

– Joe Randall
The former member of the RAF now lives in Teignmouth with his wife Chrissie. Credit: ITV News West Country

After D-Day, his job was laying down airstrips in Normandy to give the air force vital forward staging post for their operations.

He was part of the group which completed the very first one and says he was proud of his work.

I love this country even now. It just annoys me that people now can't be like we were, all English people, or British people, just together and think of this country for the good.

– Joe Randall
Joe says he is proud to have served his country. Credit: ITV News West Country