Bristol could lose 12 specialist nursery schools in what is described as an 'unfolding crisis'

A lack of funding is putting 12 specialist nurseries in Bristol in jeopardy Credit: ITV News

Twelve specialist nursery schools in Bristol that provide support to some of the city's poorest families are in danger of closing, teachers have warned.

For the last 100 years the schools have supported poorer families, and also provided places for young children with Special Educational Needs.

A funding crisis now means they face an uncertain future, with no guaranteed funding beyond the summer of 2020.

Bristol's 12 specialist nurseries have been helping poor communities for almost 100 years Credit: ITV News

At one of the nurseries in Bristol, a food collection has started for parents who cannot afford the bus fare to their local food bank.

Teachers say budget cuts in recent years have caused staff cutbacks, fewer services for families, while the ratio of staff-to-pupils has only just been maintained.

Despite this, all 12 of the nursery schools have kept a 'Good' or 'Outstanding' rating from Ofsted, which is unmatched by the primary and secondary schools in the same area.

Some of the poorest communities rely on their specialist nurseries for various kinds of support Credit: ITV News

The levels of provision for Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) is high in nursery schools, with around 20% of children registered having a special teaching need.

The nurseries say they are running out of options and if they continue to maintain the service as it stands, the individual schools could fail under the pressure.

In a statement the government said they would be providing £24 million of supplementary funding to local authorities, to keep the nurseries afloat until there is a funding review.

Nurseries affected in Bristol:

  • Filton Avenue Nursery School

  • Hartcliffe Nursery School

  • Ilminster Avenue Nursery School

  • Knowle West Nursery School

  • The Limes Nursery School

  • Little Hayes Nursery School

  • Redcliffe Nursery School

  • Rosemary Nursery School

  • St Pauls Nursery School

  • S Phillips Nursery School

  • St Werburgh's Park Nursery School

  • Speedwell Nursery School