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Bristol's Clifton Suspension Bridge shuts for week-long toll booth works

Bristol's iconic Clifton Suspension Bridge will close for week-long works. Credit: PA

Bristol’s iconic Clifton Suspension Bridge will be closed this week to facilitate the removal of temporary toll booths.

The bridge will be closed to all traffic - including cyclists - between Monday (June 10) and Friday (June 14).

The closure, which will be enforced between the hours of 9.30am and 3.30pm each day, will allow “essential works” to be carried out.

New toll houses are to be installed on the bridge (pictured). Credit: PA/Terence Waeland/Zuma Press

This includes engineering inspections and cabling works for the new toll houses, which will replace the temporary ones that were installed in January earlier this year.

A diversion route - via Bridge Valley Road, Brunel Way and A369 Rownham Hill - will be signposted.

We will be carrying out our annual inspection of the main chains using access platforms which cannot safely be used with traffic on the bridge.

We will also be using the time to commence the transfer of cabling and equipment into the new toll houses together with the removal of the temporary toll houses on each side of the bridge.

During these bridge closures pedestrians will still be able to use the bridge, but cycling will be prohibited.

Cyclists may dismount and walk across the bridge, but as only one narrow footway will be open, cyclists are requested to avoid using the bridge if possible.

– Trish Johnson, Bridge Master