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Survivor of horror Cheltenham crash meets blood donor who saved her life

Emily Pringle met her blood donor Karl Kellner for the first time. Credit: NHSBT/ PA

A mother-of-one who survived a head-on collision has said she owes her life to people who donate blood.

Emily Pringle, from Cheltenham, suffered 27 broken bones, ruptured an artery in her neck and lost litres of blood following the crash on the A40 in July last year.

The 42-year-old was introduced to Karl Kellner, 34, whose blood was one of five units that helped to save her life, to raise awareness of the need for more male donors.

Emily in hospital following her crash. Credit: ITV News West Country

Mr Kellner, a married father from Stafford, had given blood just a few days before the crash at a local donation session.

the impact speed of Emily's car crash

Your blood played a major, major part in keeping me alive and I am very grateful.

– Emily to blood donor Karl

Following her stay in hospital, Emily decided to write a book about her crash to help raise money for the emergency teams who responded on the day - including the air ambulance service, who sent two helicopters to the scene.

Emily penned a book about her experience to raise money for emergency services. Credit: ITV News West Country

She urged members of the public - particularly men - to donate blood, particularly those from the Bristol and Gloucester areas where the NHS is hoping to recruit an additional 1,500 donors.

I owe people who donate blood my life. It's as simple as that. It's so important for people to donate regularly.

– Emily on why more people should donate blood

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