Bugsy the black and white moggy is reunited with his family after seven years

Bugsy has been reunited with his family after going missing seven years ago. Credit: RSPCA

A black and white cat that went missing from his Weston-super-Mare home seven years ago is back with his family thanks to his microchip.

Bugsy went missing from Weston-super-Mare in 2012 and at the time his owners, Christine and Robert Holland, desperately searched for him without luck.

Three years ago the Hollands moved to France and took their three cats with them, including Muppet who is Bugsy's brother.

Miraculously, they have now been reunited with Bugsy after the RSPCA tracked them down through the details registered on his microchip.

Bugsy is back with his family thanks to being microchipped as a kitten. Credit: RSPCA

Bugsy's owner Christine Holland says she had to ask for a photo to confirm it was him.

Bugsy was looked after by the RSPCA at Brent Knoll until his family could collect him. Credit: RSPCA

Bugsy was looked after by the team at RSPCA Brent Knoll Animal Centre until Christine and Robert Holland were able to make the journey back to Britain to fetch him.

Staff at the animal centre say it shows how important it is to microchip pets.

Dog owners have to get their pets microchipped by law but the RSPCA recommends other animals should also be chipped. It also reminds owners to update their details if they move house.