The construction of Cornwall's first mental health unit for young people is well underway in Bodmin and is set to welcome its first patients at the end of September.

The new £11 million Sowenna unit will have 14 beds for under 18s who are in need of support in Cornwall.

Until now, young people in need of mental health support in the area regularly need to travel hundreds of miles for much needed treatment and support.

It just rapidly deteriorated, I was in and out of hospital all the time and then I got sent away to London around Christmas time.

Mel, Sowenna Young People's Board
The different facilities inside the Sowenna building are already taking shape Credit: ITV News

The professionals and staff working on the facility say they know how important the services are to young people, and hope to provide world-class care to all Sowenna patients.

Our big push over the summer holidays is just to feel that we're all confident and competent in all our different roles and in our policies and procedures.

Dr Laura Bunday, Lead Clinical Psychologist, Sowenna

If you are struggling, or know someone who is, there are several organisations that can provide help and support: