Fans of the Flying Scotsman warned not to trespass

Fans of the Flying Scotsman are being warned not to trespass on the railways to get a sighting of the famous locomotive.

The World-famous engine travels from Paddington to Worcester today and will be passing through the West Country.

It will pass through the Vale of White Horse in Swindon, descend through the Golden Valley via Stroud and reach the Bristol line at Standish Junction.

It will then head northwards past Gloucester and travel via Cheltenham Spa to Abbotswood Junction before going on to Worcester.

Fans taking pictures of the famous steam locamotive. Credit: PA images

British Transport Police (BTP) is reminding those planning a visit to see it about the dangers of edging too close to the tracks.

They have issued the following safety advice:

  • Use safe vantage points to view and take pictures of the train

  • Stay clear of the line

  • Do not risk your safety and that of other by trespassing on the tracks

  • Respect landowners by obtaining permission before going on to any private land

Extra officers will be patrolling the route and stations to ensure everyone can enjoy the event without putting themselves or others in danger.

Anyone found trespassing could be brought before the courts, get a criminal record and a fine of up to £1,000.