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RNLI get creative to warn beachgoers in Cornwall not to get caught out by the tide

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The RNLI in north Cornwall have been trying a different tactic to warn people about the dangers of being cut off by the tide.

Steve Instance, RNLI lead for prevention in the South West and Senior Lifeguard Manager, shared a photo of the sign that had been raked into the sand on Bedruthan Steps beach.

In giant letters it says: "Tidal cut off be back by 1250".

It comes after a spate of incidents at the beach where people have been cut off by the tide and have needed rescuing.

Mr Instance said "there are plenty of signs there, but obviously not everyone reads them or understands them. We hope this method is much clearer."

David Revell from a firm called Imagemakers came up with the idea and is the man behind the rake.

It it works there are plans to use sand signage there more often and the charity may even use it at other beaches to indicate where rip currents are.