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Lost kitten 'lucky to be alive' after police rescue from busy road in Cornwall

The small kitten was taken to safety by police and fire officers Photo: Devon and Cornwall Police

Police say a small black kitten is lucky to be alive after being rescued from a busy road in Cornwall.

Officers found the animal stranded in the middle of the A39 near Bodmin on Monday.

Sgt Sue Honeywill, from Devon and Cornwall Police, said some motorists were ignoring the cat and driving at high speeds.

The kitten was taken to a local vet surgery to be checked out

The kitten was checked out by a vet and appeared unhurt Credit: Devon and Cornwall Police

The officers who spotted this kitten were astounded that it appeared to be unhurt, however, despite the fact that there was a police car and a fire service vehicle at the side of the road, motorists were passing at unsafe speeds. Please, if you see emergency service vehicles at the side of the road, or any others working at the road side, please slow down.

– Sgt Sue Honeywill
Police have warned drivers to be aware of their speed Credit: Devon and Cornwall Police