"It stinks" - Bristol mum says clean air zone will make other parts of the city more polluted

Jo believe's her daughter's asthma is made worse by the queuing cars around her school in St George. Credit: ITV West Country

A mum from Bristol has told ITV News she thinks the clean air zone will encourage more people to drive on roads outside the city centre.

Jo Chesterman's daughter Flo has asthma, a condition she believes is getting worse every day because of the traffic around her school.

She gets wheezy, she has to have extra inhalers, she has to have time off school and so I have become very worried about her health

Jo Chesterman

Jo is part of 'St George Breathing Better' a resident action group trying to improve the air quality in their neighbourhood.

She says a CAZ will only push more drivers into St George.

The pollution levels here are consistently higher than the legal limit. Credit: ITV West Country

The A420 that runs through St George, none of that is within the clean air zone. So people are going to use that to get as close to the centre as they can and it all become an official park and ride.

Jo Chesterman

Bristol City Council are considering two proposals. Option one is a clean air zone which charges for polluting buses, taxis and goods vehicles but not private cars.

Option two is a total diesel car ban, where all diesel vehicles would be banned from the city centre from 7am-3pm.

Banning diesel cars from the city centre could be the council's solution to meeting clean air targets Credit: ITV West Country

The city council is putting the two possible Clean Air Zone (CAZ) plan options up for consultation which the public will be able to voice their opinions on during a six-week consultation beginning on July 1.

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The school has put up posters encouraging people to turn off their engines while queueing. Credit: ITV West Country