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UK Weather forecast: Scattered showers and sunny spells in the South West

After a few more showers today, the rest of this week is looking drier, brighter and quite a bit warmer too, but will it last?

Well, the reason for the change is that we're finally seeing high pressure move in from the south bringing settled wether and higher temperatures, but, an area of low pressure isn't too far away by the time we get to Sunday.

Showers will gradually fade away this evening leaving things mostly dry overnight.

A couple of showers will still move across the far southwest of Cornwall and the Isles of Silly.

Under clear skies, temperatures will drop to single figures giving a cool start on Friday.

It'll be a sunny start too, with any showers in the far southwest soon disappearing to leave a fine end to the week.

A little cloud will develop in the afternoon but temperatures should get close to 20 Celsius in a few places. Slightly cooler along northern coasts of Devon and Cornwall though with a breeze off the sea.

Saturday looks dry an warm again, but from Sunday we'll see low pressure moving in, bringing outbreaks of rain, some thundery.

It'll stay warm though and feel quite humid into the start of next week.