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Woman fined for 'feeding sausage roll to pigeons' in Bath

Sally-Ann Fricker was issued a £150 fixed penalty notice for littering. Credit: Facebook/Toni Bradley

A woman from Bath has been fined £150 for feeding a sausage roll to pigeons in the city centre.

Sally-Ann Fricker from Peasedown St John was caught dropping 'a corner of a sausage roll' to pigeons on Tuesday 18 June.

The 54-year-old was then stopped by private litter enforcement officers hired by Bath and North East Somerset Council and issued a fixed penalty notice for littering.

I was very shocked at the £150 fine, I thought it would be in the region of £25/30. I am a carer for my younger daughter and get paid £109 a week, so you can imagine the cost was enough to give me heart failure.

– Sally-Ann Fricker

The private security firm 3GS says they stand by the decision:

Pigeons and gulls cause a public nuisance and are part of the problem that Bath & North East Somerset Council has to manage when dealing with litter on the streets.

Our officer observed the member of the public throw food waste on the floor in an area that was clearly signposted, with notices on the bins, stating to not feed the birds.

– Gordon Brady, operations director for 3GS

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