Bring your dog to work day in the West Country

The coolest dog in town, and his owner Leigh. Credit: Leigh Riggs

Dogs bring a lot of joy to those around them so it's no wonder people in the West Country jumped on board the #BringYourDogToWorkDay bandwagon.

Here's a selection of some of the good boys and good girls who have been behaving themselves at their owner's work today.

Lucy shared this photo of her pooch Dulcie the therapy dog.

She works at the Bristol Childrens' Hospital and once a month visits the children undergoing treatment.

Lucy says "it's the most rewarding thing ever!"

Tallulah the dog knows her way around the shop floor Credit: Jo Livings

This tidy little thing is a top sales doggy according to her owner.

Jo's brought Tallulah to work at her boutique in Barnstaple today.

These three are regulars at the Woolmers Home Boarding Credit: Steve Harper

Well this one is sort of a cheat as every day is #BringYourDogToWorkDay for Steve at Woolmers Home Boarding.

These happy faces are regulars at the kennels in near Wrington, North Somerset.

We hope this springer spaniel knows what they're doing with this strimmer. Credit: Zoe Gilbert

More of an outdoor office for Zoe and her pet springer in the South Hams.

The coolest dog in town, and his owner Leigh. Credit: Leigh Riggs

Hands down the winner of the coolest dog in shades goes to Leigh's doggo from Newton Abbott.

Bodger doesn't really understand why people are getting so excited about Bring Your Dog To Work Day Credit: Irene / @Hallmork

Taking the more chilled out view is Bodger.

We've cropped Irene's picture for modesty reasons but they're working out of the Kingsbridge industrial estate.