Dreams do come true! Father and son paramedic duo from Somerset recreate 30-year-old family photo

Dan and Mike Gray both work for the ambulance service, 30 years after this special family photo was taken. Credit: SWASFT

A father and son from Somerset who both work for the ambulance service have made hearts melt by recreating a photo 30 years on from the original.

Student paramedic Dan Gray, 30, was a toddler when the first photo of him pretending to drive an ambulance was taken.

Decades later he now works for South Western Ambulance Service with his dad, Mike Gray.

The dedicated pair devote their lives to helping other people.

Earlier this month they recreated the special family photo and it has since proved hugely popular on social media.

We were amazed at the reaction to a photo we posted on social media recreating us together 30 years later. That original photo sat in my Grandad’s wallet for many years, so it is a little worn out but you can still see what I wanted to be when I grew up.

Dan Gray, student paramedic

Mike has not only inspired his son to work in emergency medicine.

Since 1990 he has visited schools across the region to share his stories of treating patients and working for the ambulance service.

Dan now gets to live his dream every day, sometimes working alongside his dad and truly following in his footsteps!

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