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Mystery man in costume 'cons' carnival-goers in Gloucestershire

  • Video report by ITV News Correspondent Stacey Foster

Organisers of a Gloucestershire village fete have issued a warning after visitors were allegedly “conned” by an unknown man in costume.

Volunteers behind the Woolaston Village Carnival, which took place on Saturday, June 22, say the mystery man - whose identity is unknown - tricked people into parting with their money.

According to John and Sue Anderson, who are on the carnival committee, the man wore a black and white-chequered morph suit and asked people to pay £1 to guess his identity.

Villagers have appealed for the man in costume to identify himself. Credit: John and Sue Anderson

He handed out fliers on the day, which claimed all proceeds would go towards the upkeep of Woolaston Hall.

But organisers say the man later disappeared, keeping the cash for himself.

He called himself Woolaston Mystery Man, gave out leaflets and took money. When he appeared unexpectedly at the carnival, everyone assumed he was a genuine village person joining the carnival. He disappeared halfway through the afternoon with the money he'd taken. It was becoming obvious it was a con.

– John and Sue Anderson

According to the organisers, the mystery man contacted the carnival committee the following day to ask for their bank details.

The poster handed out by the mystery man. Credit: John and Sue Anderson

We replied asking for a private face-to-face meeting to hand over the cash or a public reveal and cash handover at the village pub. No response received. A genuine local person would have got on the stage during the event for the big reveal. This is a clever con and we want other carnival organisers to be aware.

– John and Sue Anderson

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