'I work full-time - but I had to visit a foodbank to feed my son'

Elyshia Matthews says she has been struggling to make ends meet Credit: ITV News

A single mum from Torquay has spoken about the shame of being forced to visit a foodbank despite having a full-time job.

Health worker Elyshia Matthews posted a video online saying she felt embarrassed and humiliated - but rising household bills and a cut in tax credits left her with no other option in order to feed her nine-year-old son.

She told ITV West Country it has been a difficult few weeks - but she has received dozens of supportive messages from people in a similar situation.

The number of people using foodbanks has been rising steadily over the last few years, but recently some in the region are seeing a surge in working families asking for help.

Eunice Halliday runs the Plymouth Foodbank. Credit: ITV News
The Plymouth Foodbank gave out more than 8,000 emergency parcels last year. Credit: ITV News

Plymouth City Council wants to set up a new food justice department to address the problem.

Labour councillors are asking the government to put into law its commitment to the United Nations goal of ending hunger by 2030.

They plan to set up a select committee to investigate the extent and causes of hunger in Plymouth and make recommendations about what can be done to tackle it.

Plymouth City Council is planning to set up a new 'food justice' committee. Credit: ITV News