Why Glastonbury is so much more than a music festival

Youngsters Jay and Tegwen attend Worthy Farm every year. Credit: ITV News West Country

Glastonbury is more than just music and mingling with famous people.

For some people, the festival is an annual tradition that goes back as far as the day they were born.

Youngsters Jay and Tegwen have attended Worthy Farm every summer.

Both under ten years old, they’ve experienced Glastonbury more times than most of us will in our lifetime.

They don’t just join in with the fun and games, though.

The two friends sell homemade gifts on their site near the Stone Circle while the parents work nearby.

Their home-grown shop was handed down to them from Jay’s 11-year-old sister, who enjoyed her first Glastonbury Festival when her mum was pregnant.

She set up this young family ‘business’ at just four-years-old and it’s still going strong seven years later.

Some of the items the children sell. Credit: ITV News West Country

When we asked how much a small homemade badge cost, Tegwen said: “Whatever you can afford”.