Mystery Man who 'conned' carnival-goers spotted on CCTV in Gloucestershire

The not-so mysterious man spotted on the village shop CCTV Credit: Sue Anderson

The man behind an unusual 'con' at a Gloucestershire village fete has been caught on CCTV pinning up a poster selling his morph suit.

Footage has been shared on social media showing a man with his hood up taping a poster to the Woolaston Village shop.

Organisers think the mysterious man has a good sense of humour. Credit: Sue Anderson

Organisers of the Woolaston Village Carnival initially feared the man had conned locals after asking people to pay £1 to guess his identity.

He handed out fliers on the day, which claimed all proceeds would go towards the village hall.

Several posters are said to have appeared around the village of Woolaston. Credit: John and Sue Anderson
Locals are said to have 'forgiven' the unknown character. Credit: Sue Anderson

Since the mystery man hit the headlines, £105 was anonymously donated to the retired vicar - but his identity is still unknown.

But not one to shy away from more attention, the mysterious man strikes again by sharing this poster under the cover of darkness.