10 things we learnt from Glastonbury Festival 2019

Glastonbury 2019 is officially over and we have 10 important lessons for next year. Credit: PA Images

Glastonbury is over for another year and around 200,000 people are currently dealing with a severe bout of the post-festival blues.

We sent some members of the ITV West Country team to Worthy Farm and here's a list of the 10 things they learnt.

Take note for next year.

Around 200,000 people left the festival site on Monday 1 July 2019. Credit: PA Images

1. If you buy cheap, you buy twice.

Some of the ITV West Country team were guilty of doing a last minute rush to grab some bargain festival essentials the day before heading to Worthy Farm - and it only ended in despair. Wheels were falling off luggage trolleys left, right and centre. Whether it's a trolley or a tent, if you buy cheap you're most likely going to have to buy twice. Take note.

You'll need one of these to drag your luggage and festival essentials across the 1,100 acre site. Credit: PA Images

2. If there's a queue, join it.

You heard us right. British people love to queue and it turns out there's good reason for it at Glastonbury Festival. This little nugget was overheard on the first day of this year's event and we stuck to it until the very last day. If there's a queue, you've most likely arrived at a very popular spot. Join the queue and see for yourself!

If there's a queue, it's most likely going to be for food... Credit: PA Images

3. Never walk past anything and say 'we'll do that tomorrow'.

YOU WON'T DO IT TOMORROW! Unless you've been before, you'll never understand the sheer scale of the Glastonbury site until it's day two and you're 30 minutes into the hour-long walk back to your tent. If you walk past a food stall that tickles your taste buds or find a secret stage you want to check out, do it that very second. You won't regret it.

There's something for everyone at Glastonbury Festival. Credit: PA Images

4. Scrunched up loo roll is your best friend.

Carry it everywhere. Everywhere. We don't need to explain why.

The last thing you want is to get to the front of the queue and realise there's no loo roll. Credit: PA Images

5. Describing to friends what flag you're standing by in the crowd doesn't always work, but it sometimes does.

Losing your friends at a festival is inevitable but as long as you're reunited for when the headliner hits the stage then all is good in the world. Trying to find your festival posse in a crowd of thousands of people is hard, but describing the closest flag to your exact location is worth a try. It's surprising how a flag with 'Flaggy McFlag Face' on it can come in handy.

Flags fill the crowd at Glastonbury Festival. Credit: PA Images

6. Americans can't say Glastonbury.

Brandon Flowers might have headlined the festival more than once, but he still hasn't nailed the title of the festival. It's not 'Glastonberry', Brandon.

Sir David Attenborough arrived on the Pyramid Stage to thousands of cheering fans. Credit: PA Images

7. Go with an open mind.

You've analysed the line-up. You've even made a list on your phone. This list turns into a tight schedule when you arrive on the farm. We encourage you to go with an open mind, though. You are guaranteed to discover a new band, artist or maybe even a comedian. Did you know you can make wooden spoons at Glastonbury? We didn't before we went, either.

You might end up finding a new music artist. Credit: PA Images

8. Do something that makes you nervous every day.

Wise words. Whether it's using the dreaded Glastonbury toilets (go on, we dare you), trying out an activity you've never done before, or getting on someone's shoulders (not advised), there's no better place than Glastonbury Festival to test your boundaries and jump out of your comfort zone.

If you do end up on someone's shoulders, make sure it's done safely... Credit: PA Images

9. Take an old cake tin (or something similar).

'Why?' We hear you ask. Some choose to go for an entirely 'natural' Glastonbury experience, but if you plan on having a shower (if you can call it that) then taking some kind of water container is a sensible idea. You'll thank us when you're trying to rinse shampoo out of your hair with your head tipped over a sink.

You'll never appreciate a shower more than when you get home from Glastonbury. Credit: PA Images

10. Video less, watch more.

Are you really going to go home and watch that wobbly video of Stormzy that you took from three miles back? We aren't telling you not to film your festival highlights, but don't forget to take in the experience of being at the world's most famous festival with your very own eyes!

Enjoy it as much as this guy! Credit: PA Images