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The Banksy's we've known and loved in the West

Bristol's most illusive artist always causes a stir when his latest piece is revealed.

The counter culture graffiti artist started spray painting the streets of Bristol in the 1990s but now his installations appear all over the world.

We've chosen our favourite pieces to celebrate the West Country's favourite street artist.

Dismaland was built and taken down in the summer of 2016 Credit: PA images

Banksy and his team took on their biggest piece to date 2016 but turning the former Tropicana swimming pool in Weston-Super-Mare into Dismaland the 'bemusement park'.

The mural was permanently destroyed. Credit: PA images

Banksy's Spy Booth popped up around a telephone booth in Cheltenham in 2014 critiquing nearby GCHQ.

The piece was going to be removed and sold but the artwork was destroyed before it went anywhere.

The Girl with the Pierced Eardrum Credit: PA images

A play on the painting of The Girl with the Pearl Earring, the woman in this piece is sporting a fetching security alarm.

The Girl with the Pierced Eardrum appeared on the on the side of a building in Bristol's Harbourside in October 2014.

Park Street's well hung lover... Credit: PA images

This naked man has been hanging from a window since 2006.

One of the most iconic stencils of Banksy's looks over Park Street and is one of the first legal pieces of street art in the UK.

Love in the Bin Credit: PA images

People at a Sotheby's auction were left gobsmacked when moments after selling this Banksy piece was sold for £1 million pounds it began to self destruct.

Amusingly the shredder jammed halfway through the job as it was supposed to tear up the whole piece.

Banksy Versus Bristol Museum. Credit: PA images

This burnout ice cream van was the first thing to greet the thousands of people who came to see Banksy VS Bristol Museum in 2009.

Visitors were left unnerved as the van pumped out an eerie sound-track of warped tunes, whilst a giant ice-cream melted on its roof.