Recovering addicts 'devastated' at closure of Plymouth rehab centre Broadreach House

Bernadette says Broadreach House saved her life. Credit: ITV News

Dozens of people across Devon and Cornwall battling addiction face losing their support as a rehabilitation home looks set to close.

Broadreach House will shut on Friday, leaving staff without jobs and the 47 people it is currently helping cut off from their support.

Despite a fundraising campaign and workers even giving up their pay, it hasn't been enough to keep the centre open.

Bernadette has been clean for four years. When she came to Plymouth she was addicted to heroin and crack, homeless and at risk of losing her arm. She says Broadreach gave her back hope and she is devastated at the news.

Bernadette has been clean for four years following a drug addiction. Credit: ITV News

My whole friendship circle is people in recovery. They are living lives, families are being rebuilt, people are going to uni, going to work, all these things would not have been possible without Broadreach. It's not just the clients, it's people losing their jobs. It's the bigger impact on Plymouth as a whole.

Bernadette, former Broadreach House client
The house is currently full but will close on Friday. Credit: ITV News

There's no doubt that Government spending on addiction has reduced, that's something I've tried hard to reverse but clearly haven't been successful. But these are private businesses essentially and they have to have a business model that works so they can pay their staff, and it has failed.

Johnny Mercer, Conservative MP for Plymouth Moor View
Johnny Mercer says he is concerned at the news. Credit: ITV News

Broadreach is renowned around the country as a rehab centre that gets results. Its work has been celebrated by comedian Russell Brand, who sent them a video message last year.

Micky McCloskey came out of Wandsworth Prison as an addict. For the last 12 years he has been working for Plymouth Argyle. None of that would have been possible without Broadreach.

Micky says Broadreach House has been a lifeline for many people. Credit: ITV News

It's brilliant having a war against drugs, but every war has casualties. Broadreach was there for the casualties, they sent them out, they patched them up and made them into sensible people who could get a job.

Micky McCloskey

Top-level meetings have been taking place across Plymouth to try to find a solution. An online crowdfunding campaign has been set up, but the trustees have decided they needed to go into administration to keep some control over what is happening.

Trustee Gina Dormer says staff are working hard to help clients. Credit: ITV News

Who knows, we have started the process and we are ever hopeful, but the bottom line is we have 47 people we have to transfer into other services by 4pm on Friday and that's what all the staff, all of them unpaid, are working hard to do.

Gina Dormer, Broadreach House trustee
The council says it is working with Broadreach to put alternative plans in place. Credit: ITV News

We recognise this is a national resource and would like to thank the organisation and staff for all their hard work over the years. From a Plymouth perspective there are currently only a small number of short term residents within this facility and we are working closely with the provider to ensure there are alternative plans in place for these people. The council’s commissioning team has been in touch with the Broadreach management team and alliance partners to see whether the workforce and expertise can be retained within the city. Broadreach House is a registered charity which runs two inpatient facilities for people who need to detox and receive support to stabilise for substance misuse. Broadreach House is for men only and has 31 beds, Longreach House is for women only and has 16 beds. There are currently four Plymouth clients in Broadreach. All of these clients have a move-on plan in place for Friday. The remaining clients all come from outside the city

Plymouth City Council spokesman