Adorable endangered lemur born at Newquay Zoo

The baby crowned lemur clinging to its mother's back. Credit: Newquay Zoo

A rare baby lemur has been born at Newquay Zoo. The zoo has a small group of crowned lemurs, who last bred back in 2016. Keepers say they're delighted at the new arrival.

The species is classed as endangered because its habitat is being destroyed in its native Madagascar.

The baby - or pup as they're officially called - was born to first time mum Beloha and dad Xavier on 23 May 2019.

It's not yet known if the youngster is a boy or a girl but once a crowned lemur reaches adulthood they can be easily identified through their colouration. Females are predominantly grey and males are a reddish brown. Both have an orange crown pattern on the top of their head, which is where the ‘crowned’ name comes from.

An adult crowned lemur, sporting the orange crown the species is named after. Credit: Newquay Zoo