Ambulance out of service after vandals graffiti it during Cornwall village spree

The ambulance was taken out of service after being tagged by vandals. Credit: St Austell Police / Facebook

Vandals have put an ambulance out of service after covering it in graffiti during a tagging-spree in Cornwall.

The vehicle, which belongs to South Western Ambulance Service, had to be removed from service and professionally cleaned after it was covered in graffiti while parked in St Dennis.

Pictures of the damage were shared by police officers in St Austell, who are investigating after a car and a bus stop were also targeted last weekend.

Graffiti on a car, which was damaged by the same vandals. Credit: St Austell Police / Facebook

Last weekend, we received reports of criminal damage to vehicles and property around St Dennis.

St Austell Police

Anyone with any information regarding the damage is asked to call Devon and Cornwall Police on 101 or message St Austell Police via social media.