Councillors in Cornwall had to face angry protestors today as they arrived for a meeting.

Demonstrators fear a glut of housing developments could dramatically alter and harm the county.

It comes with the council under pressure from the Government to build more than 54,000 new homes in the next ten years.

Where there's a strong council, where the MPs are strong and stand up for the interests of their people, then arguments can be made. But this Government has put through some recent judgements that make it very difficult to stand up to development and it's tearing the heart out of Cornwall, it's destroying everything that we love.'

Zoe Fox, protester

People living in Ashton, between Penzance and Helston, fear their peace could be shattered by developments which could double the size of the village.

There are around 110 houses in Ashton at present. That could increase by another 100 if plans are approved.

David Woodman has lived in the village for just over six years.

If it all went ahead what impact would it have on the village? We've got issues already with light pollution, obviously we have pollution with the traffic which has increased in volume.We're going to have issues with schools, the schools are both at capacity so where the kids will go to school I just don't know.

David Woodman
David Woodman lives in Ashton. Credit: ITV News

I love it. This democracy in action. I'm here with residents of Cornwall. I'm a happy man. I understand that these guys have an issue that we're building houses for people that are moving here, and I can certainly reassure everybody here in Cornwall that none of the affordable homes that we are building here are for anybody but for people who are local.

Cllr Andrew Mitchell
Cllr Andrew Mitchell spoke to protesters ahead of the meeting. Credit: ITV News

Cornwall Council leader Julian German and cabinet member for housing Andrew Mitchell both came out and spoke to the protesters.

Councillor Andrew Long, deputy leader for Mebyon Kernow, said the protest was "excellent".

Protesters accused councillors of allowing the 'destruction' of Cornwall. Credit: ITV News