UK's largest brown bear exhibit to open at Bristol's Wild Place Project

Four brown bears have been introduced to 'Bear Wood' Credit: ITV News

The largest exhibit of brown bears in the UK will open next week [July 25] in Bristol.

Bear Wood, part of Bristol's Wild Place Project, has been revealed and local schoolchildren were allowed in early for a special preview.

Schoolchildren got a special preview of the bears as they settle into their new home Credit: ITV News

The wood spans 7.5 acres of land and is home to four European brown bears, five wolves, two Eurasian lynx and two wolverines.

Visitors will have access to a bear viewing den, with 180-degree and floor-to-ceiling glass windows, where they can walk through the trees at heights of up to several metres.

The exhibit opens to the public on July 25 Credit: ITV News

Bear Wood is also aiding in tackling climate change as well as providing entertainment for those who visit.

Earlier this year the government Committee on Climate Change (CCC) said, as part of their commitment to tackling the climate emergency, that they recommended offsetting carbon emissions by planting more trees and increasing woodland.

Experts say nature reserves, like the one at Wild Place Project, are needed to encourage people to think more about the future of our environment.

Ancient woodland is one of the richest habitats for wildlife in the UK, providing a home for hundreds of species of animals and plants.

Dr Christoph Schwitzer, Bristol Zoological Society