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Help and advice for transgender people in the West Country

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A transgender person is someone whose gender identity is different to the body of which they were born with.

This can lead to Gender Dysphoria which is a condition where a person experiences discomfort or distress because there's a mismatch between their biological sex and gender identity.

LGBT+ charity Stonewall has found trans people experience inequality and discrimination across all areas of life and say there is a long way to go to end transphobia in our workplaces, universities in healthcare and in the streets.

This article includes support groups in the West Country who support people who feel their gender doesn't match with their body.

- Trans Pride South West Celebrating the diversity of Transgender, Non-Binary, Intersex, & Gender variant individuals, and actively encouraging awareness, openness & interaction.

- Gloscats Transgender support group based in Gloucester. They welcome all people who are on the trans spectrum, including partners, family members, friends and allies.

- TransBristol A group for everyone in the Bristol area who identifies as transgendered, in whatever way

-Not Alone Plymouth Not Alone provides support and advice for transgender and non-binary people in Plymouth. It has been set up to provide a safe place for sharing thoughts and feelings for those who need it.

-Kernow Katz A group is for those in Cornwall who have, have had or think they may have issues around their gender.