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UK Weather Forecast: A lot more changeable for the South West with some rain on the way

As we head through the rest of this week the weather is looking more changeable, with some wet weather on Friday in particular. Although temperatures will be lower than we've been used to, there will still be a warm and humid feel for some.

Low pressure is in charge, bringing the unsettled conditions but the fronts will clear through by Sunday, allowing a return to some quieter and warmer weather.

This evening will be mostly dry and fine with any remaining showers fading away. However, cloud will increase during the early hours bringing rain to the Isles of Scilly, Cornwall and Devon. Temperatures will stay in the teens too.

Rain will continue moving eastwards during Friday morning giving a wet commute for many. There will be a spell of quieter, perhaps sunnier weather around the middle of the day but wetter weather will follow in the afternoon and evening. Temperatures a little lower at 21°C

Rain will clear to showers on Saturday, then things will settle down from Sunday with more sunshine and lighter winds. Temperatures look as though they'll get into the mid 20s next week.