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The six-month-old girl from Plymouth whose hair just keeps on growing

Vienna has her hair cut once a month. Photo: ITV News

Meet Vienna - the six-month old girl who was born with a mop of thick hair.

Most babies born with hair lose a little, if not all of it, but Vienna's is just growing and growing.

When your mum is a hairdresser a little bit of styling should come as no surprise.

But the top knot is a necessity as mum Jemma has decided to just let it grow.

Vienna is six months old. Credit: ITV News

Jemma says her daughter's hair is "incredible".

I had absolutely horrendous heartburn, just awful, but everything else was pretty straightforward, the whole pregnancy was fine really. My husband kept saying 'She's got lots of hair' and the midwife kept saying 'I've never seen so much hair on a baby'. As soon as I saw her I couldn't believe it, it was incredible. No-one could believe that she was only a couple of days old. Everywhere we go you can see people looking, and you know it's because of her hair.

– Jemma Bellingham
Jemma says she thinks her heartburn may be linked to Vienna's long hair. Credit: ITV News

Back in 2015 ITV reported on six-month-old Fergus Hillman from Cornwall, who was believed to have Britain's "fastest growing hair"

Fergus with his sister Ella in 2015. Credit: SWNS

Could Vienna be next to take the crown?