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More than a hundred take to water in biannual Abbotsbury swan roundup

The swan round up happens once every two year and relies on the help of volunteers.

The swan round up at Abbotsbury in Dorset has taken place for 2019. The biannual event gathers the animals for them to be checked by vets and measured.

More than a hundred volunteers helped at this year's round up, with dozens of people wading into Fleet water to help herd the swans.

The swans are herded onto shore and given their check ups.

The Swannery at Abbotsbury makes the checks during July when the birds are moulting. At this time of year it's easier to catch the swans as they cannot fly.

Not all the birds are best pleased.

As well as volunteers wading, kayakers help herd the swans to a landing site for medical checks.

Watch the full spectacle below:

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