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New 360-degree project opens up Geevor Tin Mine in Cornwall for online tours

Geevor Tin Mine in Cornwall closed in 1990. Credit: Soundview Media

A pioneering 360-degree virtual reality tour has launched, allowing people to explore an historic former Cornish mine.

Geevor Tin Mine near Land's End, now a World Heritage Site, has been opened up for people who would not otherwise get to enjoy all Geevor has to offer.

Since its closure in 1990 the tin mine has operated as a museum and education centre for Cornish mining, keeping this vital part of history alive.

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Heritage Ability, part of the disability charity Living Options, has been working closely with Geevor and the film-making team from Soundview Media.

Soundview has created “fly-through” footage of the tunnels and the mills as well as amazing aerial views of the cliff-top site to replicate the journey for those who cannot make it themselves.

The tour was created as part of Heritage Ability's 'Virtual Heritage Project', funded by the £5,000 they won in the annual Lottery Good Causes competition.

The former mine is now a museum and heritage site. Credit: Soundview Media

We’re working with twenty heritage sites across the South West with an aim to achieve ‘accessible heritage for everyone’. That doesn’t just relate to people with physical disabilities but also to those with anxiety, mental health and learning disabilities, or simple geographical limitations.

– Maryann Sope, Heritage Ability
The project is designed to make the mine more accessible. Credit: Soundview Media

Film-maker Gareth Allen says the project has potential to make attractions more accessible for all.

This is something that from personal experience we are passionate about. As soon as VR arrived on the market, we recognised its potential to make less accessible places possible for more people. When we heard about Heritage Ability’s brilliant project we knew immediately we could make a perfect team.

– Gareth Allen, Film-maker
People with physical and mental disabilities can benefit from the virtual tour. Credit: Soundview Media

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