Bristol Airport accelerates carbon neutral plans by five years in response to expansion concerns

The airport now wants to become carbon neutral by 2025 instead of 2030. Credit: ITV West Country

Bristol Airport has accelerated plans to become carbon neutral following the public reaction to the controversial expansion plans.

Earlier this year young people protested against the airport's expansion outside City Hall. Credit: ITV West Country

The airport now wants to become carbon neutral by 2025, five years earlier than initially outlined.

But the plans do not include the 76,000 flights a year, which carry more than 30,000 passengers a day.

It follows widespread public criticism of proposals to expand the airport which campaigners said were inconsistent with the climate emergencies being declared by local authorities.

In December 2018 the airport announced plans to increase its passenger capacity. Credit: Bristol Airport

The announcement sets out plans to introduce a 'carbon levy' which would offset all road journeys to and from the airport.

From later this year drivers using the Express Drop Off point will be charged more, as this is "the least sustainable way of getting to the airport".The money made from this will then be put into offsetting emissions from all other journeys made to the airport.

But all these small steps are long over due, say campaigners who are fighting against airport expansion.

It wants to add more than 24,000 flights a year, which will have enormous consequences in terms of emissions and in terms of noise.

John Adams, Stop Bristol Airport Expansion

The new 'roadmap' released also reveals it will be using more electric vehicles and renewable energy sources on-site.

Its ultimate objective is to have net zero carbon emissions by 2050.