Carlauren Group goes into administration following care home closures and 'unpaid' wages

Credit: ITV News West Country

A Yeovil-based company, which closed down a care home earlier this month, has said it has gone into administration.

The Carlauren Group sent a letter to investors saying it has taken the move in order to protect their investors.

ITV News have spoken to both investors and staff working for the group who say they are still owed money by the company.

The Carlauren Group headquarters in Yeovil has the old company name on display. Credit: ITV News West Country

The Carlauren Group buys property and sells individual rooms and suites to investors - allowing the investor to then receive rent on those rooms. Though some properties are open, some are yet to accept any paying customers.

More than 20 different companies fall under the Carlauren Group umbrella.

In recent months ITV News have reported on a range of issues raised at the company, including the closure of care home Tyndale House in Yeovil due to continuing losses.

Residents living in sheltered housing owned by the group have also raised concerns that on-site care support is no longer there for them.

Carlauren buys properties like Eton House in Yeovil and sells individual rooms to investors. Credit: ITV News West Country

One investor agent, Mike Symondson, has told ITV News he has commission overdue from one of the companies in the group.

We’re owed a hundred and twenty thousand pounds. It was our main income, we’re looking at possibly getting part time jobs. I’m 62 - I had a heart attack four years ago so I don’t really want to go back to work like that but that’s what we’re faced with. It’s affected our life, it’s affected our agents and our investors. So it’s devastating.

Mike Symondson, CEO Asiagold Ltd

A staff member who works for the Carlauren Group says: "People haven't been paid, some people are going to lose houses. I can't sleep at night because I just don't know what's going to happen".

The Group says its given all residents and staff 28 days notice of the closure. Credit: ITV News West Country

In another set of complaints, residents of Carlauren's Coverdale Court claim on-site support is no longer available to them following the closure of the neighbouring Tyndale House.

In response the company told ITV News:

We have been working hard to ensure they [the residents] receive the care and support required.

Carlauren Group statement

The group added that it gave all residents and staff "28 days notice of the closure and worked closely with social services to ensure all residents were given new homes".

The Carlauren Group have not yet responded to ITV News' request for comment on the news of its administration.