Flying Ant Day: Swarms spotted in the South West

Credit: ITV News West Country

It's that time of year again... Flying Ant Day.

Here's some footage ITV West Country journalist Ken Goodwin captured of one swarm:

The Royal Society of Biology says flying ant day occurs when males and new queens leave the nest to mate.

In their 'Flying Ant Survey', however, they found it's not actually just the one day. The Society suggests: "Depending on weather conditions, the ants can start emerging and flying at almost any point during the summer months, and won't all necessarily appear only on one day either".

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Back in 2017, flying ants caused trouble at the Wimbledon Championships. Credit: PA

If you're suffering with flying ants below are 3 tips on how to get rid of them:

  • Find the nests

  • Seal off their entry points

  • Eliminate any food waste

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