Hundreds of homes have been without water in Bristol after a water mains burst on one of the hottest days of the year so far.

Bristol Water posted on their Facebook page at around 4am on Thursday morning (25 July) advising the following areas were either without water or only had water with a "funny colour".

The area without water or who have reported water with a 'funny colour'. Credit: Bristol Water/Google Maps

In an update posted on Thursday afternoon, the service said:

"Everyone should now be back in water, it might look yellowish or even a bit cloudy but both are safe to drink and wash in".

The affected areas include:

  • Speedwell

  • Eastville

  • Fishponds

  • Horfield

  • Kingswood

  • Lockleaze

  • St George

  • Southwell

  • Stapleton

Overall residents have been without proper water supply for nearly 12 hours after the initial reports came in in the early hours of Thursday morning.

Affected residents posted on Facebook: "I'm disabled, am I a priority for water?"

Another said: "We have lots of elderly neighbours without the internet or transport. They won’t know what’s going on and will be unable to travel to a supermarket to purchase bottled water".

Others reported having "very yellow water" coming from their taps.

Repairs of the burst mains are expected to be ongoing for a few days. Credit: ITV News West Country

In an update posted on their Facebook site on Thursday afternoon, Bristol Water said:

"The burst has proven especially difficult to repair due to the size of the crack in the pipes. After a lot of hard work in the heat, our crew have just been in touch to say they're hoping your water to return gradually over the next couple of hours".

The service warned those affected that water of a "yellowish/ brown colour" should not be drunk but can be sed to wash hands and flush the toilet.

Bristol Water are handing out bottles of water on Romney Avenue. Credit: ITV News West Country

A bottled water station set up on Romney Avenue has now been taken down as supplies get back up and running.