Plymouth police smash car window to rescue dog locked inside for two hours during heatwave

Officers had to rescued the dog from the hot car before it became seriously ill. Credit: Charles Cross Police Team

Police in Plymouth had to smash a car window to rescue a dog who had been locked inside for two hours on one of the hottest days of the year.

Officers were called just after 4pm on Wednesday 24 July to the coach station car park near The Newmarket Tavern in Market Way.

An RSPCA inspector was also called and the dog was taken to be examined by a vet.

It's believed the animal had been locked in the car for two hours while its owners went shopping.

According to police, the family weren't happy when they got back to their car and saw the window had been smashed.

Officers said the owners of the dog weren't very happy to come back and find their window smashed. Credit: Charles Cross Police Team

Charles Cross Police Team said the small dog was "very happy" to be set free.

PCSO Tracy Cunningham said the owners returned as officers were arranging a transporter to remove the car. She said, "They weren't happy with us because their window was put in."

It was then explained to the family - via an interpreter - that it was a serious matter and police had the right to free the dog, who could have died in such extreme heat.

The dog was apparently "very happy" to be rescued by police. Credit: Charles Cross Police Team

It's now up to a vet to to make a decision on whether an animal cruelty prosecution should be pursued.