Police warn against leaving windows open in heatwave

Police have going door to door in Trowbridge Credit: ITV News

With soaring temperatures, some of us may have been tempted to open windows and doors to cool the house down even leaving them open while you're out, but Wiltshire Police are warning this can create perfect opportunities for burglars.

Officers have been out in Trowbridge - a town which has seen a spate of burglaries recently - to warn residents of the dangers.

As you walk around Trowbridge in the 30 degree heat, it's no surprise that on most streets virtually every house has open windows.

But police want residents to think twice, especially if they're leaving the house.

PC James Bedding from Wiltshire Police is one of many officers going door to door warning residents about the security risks.

On a nice hot day, it'll be something as simple as leaving the bottom-floor window open to let a bit of breeze into the house. But then the burglars will keep an eye on the house, notice when the occupants have gone out - they might have gone to the shops for half an hour. They'll come back and their cars gone. We've had one incident recently where someone's climbed through a dog flap. They've entered the property, found car keys, they've left the property, taken the car keys and taken the car.

PC James Bedding, Wiltshire Police

The police say common sense is key, especially when you go out, even though with weather like this it's tempting to put ventilation over security.

Some residents have been concerned about burglaries in the area. Credit: ITV News

You'd be amazed at the spaces and sizes people can fit through. And even an upstairs window - people might find a ladder nearby, or they might climb on top of a garage roof or porch roof, so if you're leaving the property, if you're going out in the garden, if you're not going to be inside, then shut and lock your windows and doors.

PC Charly Chilton, Wiltshire Police

Police want local people to report suspicious activity to their 101 helpline. They know that while we're out enjoying the sun, burglars are in paradise.

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