What would you name the next big storm? The Met Office wants to know!

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Today's weather certainly feels stormy and it's not at all like summer out there. We've seen gusts of wind approaching 60 mph and more than 10 mm of rain falling in an hour. What better time then to start thinking about the next storm season for 2019/20?

People often ask me how the Met Office comes up with the names each year and the answer is you! Each year there is a trawl to see which will make the list and the time has come round again.

This shot of the lightning over Yeovil in Somerset was certainly atmospheric. Credit: Sam Maynard

Over 10,000 names were received back in 2015 when the storm season was first introduced, and this year the Met Office and Met Eireann are being joined by KNMI, the Dutch national weather forecasting service.

Waves batter the coast at Porthleven, Cornwall. Credit: PA

Why name a storm? Well by highlighting severe weather in a consistent fashion across all types of media, we can provide a clear message to you and raise awareness to make sure that you're as prepared as you can be for the impacts of wind, rain and snow as we head through autumn and winter.

In addition to Met Office weather warnings, the storm naming scheme has been proved to raise awareness of severe weather in the UK, providing a consistent message to the public and crucially helping people to make better decisions so they can stay safe and thrive. This year the Met Office and Met Eireann will be joined by KNMI, the Dutch national weather forecasting service and together they will announce the new list of storm names for the 2019/2020 season in early September.

Derrick Ryall, Associate Director of Public Weather Service
This wins the prize for the most branched lightning - taken over Cheltenham in Gloucestershire. Credit: Skip Cole

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To find out how you can name a storm, head to the Met Office Storm Centre or drop the team an email to nameourstorms@metoffice.gov.uk.

The Met Office will also be opening up their social media pages for people to make their suggestions.

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