Bristol 'hidden gem' property up for sale at auction for £300,000

Credit: Hollis Morgan

A Bristol property described as a "hidden gem" is up for sale at auction - despite only having part of its roof.

The two houses in the St George area have a guide price of £300,000.

Inside there's a fair bit of clutter and parts of the property need restoring but sellers say it "has potential".

The auctioneers say the current owner is a retired professor. Credit: Hollis Morgan
The two properties are filled with exciting bits and bobs. Credit: Hollis Morgan

The property on Clouds Hill Road has a large garden area to the rear of the two houses.

Auctioneers Hollis Morgan have suggested it might be bought for redevelopment and future planning applications.

The guide price for the property is £300,000. Credit: Hollis Morgan

The auction takes place on Wednesday evening (31 July) in Clifton, Bristol.