A YouTuber has been branded “irresponsible” after becoming the latest person to swim in the Roman Baths.

Louis Taylor live-streamed his dip at the historic attraction in Bath on Monday (July 29) afternoon on his channel, which has a modest 672 subscribers.

He is the second person in a week to swim at the popular tourist attraction, after a woman went in Great Bath at the weekend, despite it being banned.

People are advised not to swim in the water. Credit: Louis Taylor

Councillor Paul Crossley said this type of behaviour “spoils” the experience for others.

The visitor who entered the water on July 29 did so for his own self-promotion, sharing the video online is not helpful to us and is irresponsible.

Cllr Paul Crossley

Swimming in the Roman Baths has been permanently banned since 1978, after a girl who swam in the water died of a meningitis-related illness.

After the death, the water in the baths was found to be polluted.

A dangerous amoeba that can cause a form of meningitis was detected and public bathing was banned on health grounds.

A woman swam in the Great Bath earlier this week. Credit: @girlclumsy / Twitter

But Mr Taylor, from Cardiff, says he was aware of the risks when he undertook his stunt.

He says he planned his swim before the woman was filmed in the water the day before.

It was on the bucket list of things to do.

Louis Taylor