You could say it's a real hidden treasure, though the pirate ship that comes with this Gloucestershire property is not that hidden.

An estate in Ripple near Tewkesbury is up for sale for £1.25 million and forget fittings and fixtures - there's a pirate ship included!

Credit: ITV News West Country

Current owner Graham Fisher says he and his family came up with the idea after a trip to none other than the Caribbean.

After bringing home some cannons for decor they ended up going all in and soon had a full sized pirate galleon sitting in the back garden.

The ship comes complete with a BBQ table, bar, and of course all the usual pirate ship fittings.

The ship backs up onto its own private island. Credit: ITV News West Country

Though there's not water immediately overboard, there is an island not far from the ship.

This is no modern cruise liner either, the hull of the structure comes from an old French ship dating back to the 1700s.

Our reporter Ken Goodwin found his sea legs and went for a look around:

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