Pressure on Camborne foodbank as demand for food parcels grows

CPR foodbank averages 16,000 meals a month but have recently been caught short. Credit: ITV West Country News

A foodbank in Camborne has revealed it's been forced to buy in extra supplies to keep up with demand for emergency food parcels.

Trussell Trust, who run many foodbanks in the region, are now appealing for extra donations due to the rise in demand during the summer holidays.

In 2018, the charity had a 20% increase in demand for their service.

Thousands of people in the West Country turn to foodbanks for extra help when times are tough.

People like new mum Kim Harris who only gave birth to baby Ruby Rose three weeks ago.

I can go to mum and dads and if they're cooking they'll put extra on and mum will ask if we want extra. I've always been independent, there's always been more needy people but it gets to that point that you have to accept help sometimes. It's nice to know there is support there and if you need it, you need it. You do have to accept that help and it's nice to feel it's there.

Kim Harris

Not eating enough food can impact both your physical and mental health, something widow Alison Draper's experienced first-hand.

There's nothing worse than being hungry, you get weak and depressed, come down to the foodbank, everyone that donates does it with a good spirit. I feel funny coming out of here but I'd encourage anyone if you need help. It's there and take the help because it's enough to keep you going, keep your head straight.

Alison Draper
In 2018, the charity had a 20% increase in demand for their service. Credit: ITV West Country News

Around 8,000 children in Cornwall qualify for free school meals but in the summer holidays parents must find extra money to provide those meals themselves.

Being in a holiday area the carpark prices go up, food prices go up, the locals struggle to get around and pay the costs and they have children home from school. We average 16,000 meals a month in the area, we have been short. This year was the first year we had to buy food.

Don Gardener, CPR Foodbank