'Breasts are not just a sexual thing' - The Devon mums fighting for the right to breastfeed in public

Mums are encouraged to breastfeed at this bookshop in Tiverton. Credit: ITV News

More than 60 businesses across Devon have signed up to a new campaign to promote breastfeeding.

The county council wants to create a network of places where mums can feel comfortable about feeding when they are out and about.

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In Devon, of the 74% of mums who start breastfeeding, only 50% are still feeding their children themselves within just a few weeks.

But many mums feel self conscious about breastfeeding, particularly in public places.

Mum Kathryn says she sometimes feels 'judged' when breastfeeding. Credit: ITV News

Public Health Devon has launched its Positive About Breastfeeding scheme to encourage businesses to show their support to staff and members of the public.

Kayleigh Diggle, who runs a book shop in Tiverton, was one of the first to sign up.

Kayleigh Diggle wants to create a 'safe space' for breastfeeding. Credit: ITV News

Almost three quarters of mothers start breastfeeding (73%) but this drops to 44% at six to eight weeks. Just 45% of babies in the South West are breastfed after two months.

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