Bristol Balloon Fiesta shuts site amid high wind safety concerns

People are being escorted off the site amid safety concerns

The Bristol Balloon Fiesta has been forced to close its site today due to high winds until 10am tomorrow (Sunday 11).

People were asked to leave the site amid safety concerns as wind gusts of up to 45 mph were expected.

People are not allowed back on site until tomorrow morning at 10am.

The planned Night Glow for this evening has also been cancelled along with Sunday's 6am ascent.

There are still plans for an ascent tomorrow evening.

The weather has caused mass disruption to this year's Balloon Fiesta which usually attracts thousands from across the country.

All flights were cancelled yesterday (Friday 9) due to the weather.

Thursday's night glow was scaled back to a 'Naked Night Glow' which means the removal of the envelopes.

Luckily on Thursday morning they had a mass ascent which saw the famous Darth Vader balloon take to the skies.

The Bristol-built Darth Vader balloon flew in the city for the first time.
There was a 'Naked Night Glow' on Thursday evening.