'Bespoke pre-built' student flats craned into empty buildings

At times, builders had less than an inch of space between the unit and the exterior wall. Credit: Go Modular Technologies (UK) Ltd

You might have heard of made-to-measure furniture, but what about made-to-measure flats?

A former nightclub in Bristol is being turned into flats that have been built in a factory and slotted into place.

Bristol developer Urban Creation is behind a 'pioneering approach to construction' where bedroom storage, wardrobes and even beds, have already been assembled before the apartment arrives on site.

Park Street was closed from 8pm - 6am as the crane got into position to lower the 10 tonne unit into place.

The company's owner Jonathan Brecknell says this means construction runs more smoothly because it's not affected by poor weather or other delays.

Mr Brecknell also suggests this way of building homes could help with the high demand for housing in the city.

Credit: Go Modular Technologies (UK) Ltd
Urban Creation says building homes in this way, could halve the time of traditional house building. Credit: Go Modular Technologies (UK) Ltd

Mr Brecknell says 'the UK is facing a significant construction skills shortage, which is exacerbating the housing crisis as it means we aren’t delivering enough homes to meet demand.'

Mr Brecknell says constructing homes in this way is not cheaper than traditional house building but it is faster.

Once finished, rooms will be rented out to students. Credit: Go Modular Technologies (UK) Ltd

Park Street will be closed between 8pm - 6am on Tuesday 13 October and Wednesday 14 October while the flats are finished.

They're expected to be ready for tenants by the end of September 2019.