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UK Weather forecast: Wet and windy across the South West

If you're not a fan of today's wet and windy weather then there's good news because the weekend is looking brighter with sunshine and showers. It will stay breezy and feel cool, however.

Low pressure that's brought today's rough weather will stick around, maintaining the changeable theme. The fresh winds coming from the northwest keeping temperatures on the low side.

This evening will stay wet and windy with warnings in force from the Met Office until 10pm. By midnight most places will be drier and clearer with just a few showers taking us through to dawn. Lows of 14 Celsius.

Saturday will be much drier and brighter with a few showers around. Winds will be a touch lighter and some places will see temperatures climb to 20 Celsius, giving a warmer feel.

As we head into next week it'll stay quite showery, but there are early signs of a return of high pressure which would bring drier and perhaps warmer weather to the West Country.