Acclaimed Pink Panther animator dies at his home in Bristol

Richard Williams has died after a short illness at his home in Bristol. Credit: Getty Images

Richard Williams, the animator behind hit Hollywood films Roger Rabbit and the Pink Panther, has died at his home in Bristol.

The 86-year-old triple Oscar and triple Bafta winner, who was born in Toronto, Canada and moved to Britain in the 1950s, died at his home in St Andrews, Bristol, on Friday (16 August).

His daughter said he'd been suffering from cancer:

Williams was the animator-director for the hit Who Framed Roger Rabbit staring Bob Hoskins Credit: PA Images

Williams was the animation director on the 1988 blockbuster Who Framed Roger Rabbit? He won a Bafta as well as two Oscars for the film - one in the special academy award category and one for special effects.

He told the BBC in 2008:

Williams continued his career at the Bristol-based home of Wallace and Gromit. Credit: ITV News

His second studio was at Bristol-based Aardman Animations - the home of Wallace and Gromit.