1. ITV Report

UK weather forecast: still some summer left in the South West?

This week is looking a little more like summer, with a few showers and some sunshine. That's because we have hints of high pressure trying to establish itself.

At the moment that high pressure is to the southwest of the UK but over the next few days it'll move across southern parts of England. That'll keep things a bit more settled than the last few days.

We'll see a few more showers this evening and overnight, some on the heavy side. There will be plenty of cloud breaks and clear skies too which will allow temperatures to drop to 10 or 11 degrees. However, away from towns and cities we may see lows closer to 7 Celsius.

A chilly start for some then, but a mostly dry and sunny one. Tuesday is looking like a much drier and brighter day, still with a few showers from time to time. Temperatures similar to today and in shelter that sun will feel quite warm.

Wednesday and Thursday will be showery days, still some heavy downpours around, but on Friday there are hints that high pressure will make more of an influence, bringing drier skies and higher temperatures.