House hunting? This castle in Wiltshire might be right up your street

It's easy on the eye. Credit: Savills

A Grade 1 listed castle complete with turrets, ten bedrooms and endless views of the countryside is up for sale in Wiltshire.

If you've got a few million pounds burning a hole in your pocket, it could be yours.

At a cool £3,250,000 (guide price) you could be the proud (and potentially poor) new owner of Devizes Castle.

Upmarket estate agent Savills is advertising the property which boasts 'alluring castellations', 'beautifully detailed stone archways' and 'ceilings richly decorated with carved and gilded bosses'.

The agent describes the humble abode as 'ideal' for family living and entertaining.

Party at my new castle, anyone?

As well as the finest ceiling decoration, the property comes with a library, a floor to ceiling fireplace, a second kitchen and a garden big enough to build a theme park.

You'd never have to fight over the bathtub, either. Credit: Savills

If you buy this house, you're also buying a slice of history.

The castle was burnt down and re-built in stone during the reign of King Henry I. From then onwards it became a popular residence for the Monarchy.

Significant royals that walked its corridors include King John between 1204 and 1216, Henry III and Edward I. Some of Henry VIII's wives also owned it.

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