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Tabby cat left seriously injured by illegal trap in Somerset

The cat is still suffering from its injuries after getting caught in the illegal trap. Credit: RSPCA

A cat has been left seriously injured after getting its leg caught in an illegal trap in Somerset.

A member of the public contacted Langport Vets on Monday 19 August after finding the tabby cat with a gin trap clamped around her leg.

RSPCA inspectors believe someone in the area is intentionally setting the "deadly traps". In 2018 a cat died after getting caught in one in Huish Episcopi.

Gin traps have been illegal to use in the UK since 1958.

Gin traps - what are they?

  • Gin traps are devices designed to catch animals by their legs
  • They have spring-operated jaws with teeth or sharp edges
  • Owning or selling a gin trap in the UK isn't illegal, but using one is
  • They were outlawed in 1958
  • Some are still being used to catch animals like rabbits and foxes
It's illegal to use a gin trap in the UK. Credit: RSPCA

The tabby was found near Tesco in Langport without a microchip and the RSPCA is now "desperately" hoping her owners will come forward.

She remains at the Somerset vets and needs further treatment after having the trap removed.

An RSPCA investigator said gin traps "cause a great deal of suffering" and the charity is "extremely concerned about their use".

Another cat died as a result of a gin trap in the same area of Somerset in 2018. Credit: RSPCA

It’s shocking to think that this poor cat had been left to suffer with this awful metal trap hanging from her leg. Given the size and power of it, it’s lucky the illegal trap did not do more damage to her. The trap was oiled and well maintained so we suspect it had been set intentionally to catch an animal.

– John Pollock, RSPCA Inspector

People in the area are being urged to remain vigilant and keep an eye out for the traps.